Be YourSelf just be Flexible!

Success has a totally different taste from Fullfillment

I have been recently asked for one Golden Rule which we need to remember if we wish to succeed in the today’s unsteady and changing faster than ever environment. «Back to basics» I thought once more, as the most difficult to all of us is the simplest. We need to believe in our own values and live according to them, but we must become better and better in listening (with our  ears, our eyes and our hearts) what needs to be done by us, what needs not to be done by us and then ACT! This means that we need not to change our values every minute but this should not stop us lose our empathy. On the contrary, we need to develop our «listening and understanding skills» and this will promote cooperation at the expense of fierce competition.

Following the above I decided to start sharing my views and ideas through this blog, i.e. in a contemporary way.

I would be delighted to share  views on how to become better listeners and if this helps our journey to maturity.



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