Career & Life Planning

Maturity does not necessarily come with age.  We come across many people who spend more time in planning their vacation than planning their career. Usually these people do not have a lot of (if any)  job satisfaction, they ask themselves «how did I chose that  job?», «what was I thinking  when I was entering the job arena?» etc etc and they try to find more satisfaction during the non-working hours, in order to be balanced. But is this the right way towards «balance»?

In order to avoid similar situations and mixed feelings we need to do a SWOT analysis with ourselves. What is a SWOT analysis? It is the analysis of our selves.  It is the understanding of our Strengths and Weaknesses and since we live in a fast changing world especially the one of work; so we should never take things / situations for granted we need to review the Opportunities that there are around us as well as the Threats.

Analyzing ourself is not very easy but it is not difficult either. However, it needs courage, it needs humility, it needs a cool heart to «see» objectively and at the same time with care «Who we really are?«.

It all starts with good observation. We all have feelings but not all of us react the same way. We all have traits we like and traits we do not like. We need to find and admit ALL of them irrespectively of what others think about them, irrespectively of stereotypes, irrespectively of prejudices. We need to accept ourselves and if we do not like very much some facets in case they can be altered then we have nothing else but to improve them, in case they cannot be altered (race, height, colour of eyes, introvert, etc) we have to understand that we need to love ourselves and that everyone of us can be loved only after he/she loves him/herself first.



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