The Challenge of Hiring and Retaining Women

According to many economists in many OECD countries there is an increasing socio-economic crisis that affects heavily the middle class; in other words  we face the end of the «American dream» . However, this dream still holds for most emerging markets. Amid this stagnation women’s full entry into the workforce has rescued family incomes. 

In this era of keen competition for talent, companies that can have strategies to attract and retain a diverse workforce  (eg older work force, women, etc) are more likely to succeed. of course, it is not easy for companies to define how diversity links to their business results.

As far as women are concerned definitely more (in numbers) are in the world of work.  However, the glass ceiling founded as a term about 20 years ago still exists, because companies need to find a way to create more successful women leaders. But is the glass which prevents them or is it a sticky floor ?

There are difficulties in attracting and retaining women;  however, there are successful strategies and HR can become a strategic partner with businesses (in condition that it will attract business-minded professionals).



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