Realize your Dream!

City College in Salonica organized a half day conference on the Crisis and the Day After. 

«What do I need to do in order to realize my dream?» was one of the main questions to me.

My answer is simple:

In order to realize your dream  you need first to understand, to become fully aware what your dream is!  And your dream has to deal with Whom you want TO BE! So, you need to reflect very honestly and without any influences from your environment, your friends, your parents, etc  (no matter how close to you they are, no matter how dear to you they are…) you need to find/ to reveal the meaning of your life.

Once you decide about that you need to create a PLAN in order to put down all the actions that you need TO DO in order to make your dream come true.

Once you decide who you want to Be and you start Doing then you will receive the outcome!  Usually people get confused and start by what they want  TO HAVE, they totally forget who they want to be and instead of making their dreams come true they live «their nightmares».

They ask for more money because they want to feel secure, or because they think they will acquire prestige, or beacuse they think they will be able to do what they want. This is a complete fallacy!  Monay cannot buy anything of the above. Money is a means to an end but it will never make you feel self accomplished.



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