Why do people leave their jobs?

One of the topics that occupies the minds and flavours the discussions of most professionals and working people is how to find more efficient people and once they find them how to keep them.

The companies which will be able to retain their «talents» will be the ones which will show the best results  the first.

I came across the following article at the ThirdSectorMagazine and I am sharing with you part of it.

«»Why people look for new work
Once you attract candidates to your business, how do you keep them happy, motivated and retain them – particularly once the economy improves and salary competition again becomes a motivating factor?

We recently asked over 600 candidates why they were looking for a new job. By identifying the common reasons people decide to look for a new job, organisations can focus on preventative strategies and work towards keeping their existing talent. The results were quite revealing:
1. Lack of career progression
2. Seeking new challenges
3. Salary
4. Lack of training or development opportunities
5. Poor management
6. Too much stress
7. Travel time too great
8. Seeking to specialise in a particular field
9. Poor work/life balance
10. Office politics.»»



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