Managers in panic;How bad it is.

For a low personnel to be in panic it is considered as lack of maturity and lack of professionalism.

For a medium level and especially when we are talking about a woman we consider it dependant to hormones, many duties that she cannot handle, unbalanced life, etc

For high rank professionals we believe that panic is non existant. A manager is a top post and to be there he/she needs to be mature and a mature person does not  panic!  And we are very wrong! For more than one of the assumptions.

Panic is also present at high hierarchical levels and it is more difficult to be identified, because it is passed to others through extreme questionning, through irony, through criticism, through narrow minded follow ups, through psychological pressure in an effort to put the blame on you.  Panic is passed to others as top executives do not get into panic!!

I very recently  heard a story about some ridiculous reactions of senior executives in panic and I felt the only advise I had to give is to be as far away as possible in an effort not to be contaminated.  We all know that the manager’s mood is like a mirror for his/her staff.

Unfortunately,  this kind of stories are more often than ever and all those theories on maturity and meritocracy prove to be a big fairy tale. Not for each and every one but for the majority of those around us.

I am really sad that the only suggestion I have to offer is to run away from Managers in Panic.

BUT remember while you are running away (from panic bosses) DO HAVE  your action plans ready!!

Being prepared for various scenarios not only saves you from getting trapped into panic but also make you a winner.



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