Modern Greek People still very friendly and hospitable!

A few weeks ago I was at the Marina of Kos island at Dodecanissa. I needed to fix a sparepart of a sailing boat in a few hours as I needed to leave the port as soon as possible.  It was Saturday noon and the sparepart could only be «fixed» by a technician as there was no great possibility to find a new one to replace it.

Ms Koula and SELAS supplies
  Ms Koula and SELAS supplies

I was lucky! I met Ms Koula at SELAS yachting supplies at the Kos Marina and she decided that a colleague of hers would give me a lift to the local turnery and machine shop of the Diallynas family. We went to their shop they did not have it, they went to another shop they fixed it for me and I was ready in less than an hour and they did not ask for a penny!!

Diallynas family shop

Diallynas family shop

 I have no words to thank them, I will try to visit the Boat Show next week so that I meet Ms Koula at SELAS booth and thank her again.

Another excellent example of Greek hospitality happened to me yesterday at Poros island.

 I was walking towards a restaurant «Spyros» by  «Theano» hotel, which is famous for the delicious generous dishes and very rational prices. As soon as I passed by the small bridge linking Spheria with Kalavria there is a small fishing club and I started taking pictures of the ducks nearby. Three pleasant men (in their mid fifties and sixties) were also sitting there and I took some pictures of them…. and I continued walking (I was not alone …)

Great Greek Modern People at Poros island

Great Greek Modern People at Poros island

After a while one of them came with his car to drive us – as the Taverna we were looking for was closed and the next good one was far away!!

I was so amazed by his gesture! An ex marine guy full of generosity made us feeling once more proud for being Greeks.



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