What is centered leadership?

What is centered leadership?.

There are five dimensions of leadership around our personal and professional context: Meaning, Positive Framing, Connecting, Managing, Engaging.

 Meaning. The sense of meaning is what inspires women leaders,
guides their careers, sustains their optimism, generates positive
emotions, and enables them to lead in creative and profound ways.
Framing. To sustain herself on the path to leadership and to function
as a leader, a woman must view situations clearly, avoiding
downward spirals, in order to move ahead and create solutions.
Connecting. Nobody does it alone. Women leaders make meaningful
connections to develop sponsorship and followership, colleagues
and supporters, with warmth and humanity.
Engaging. Successful leaders take ownership for opportunities
along with risks. They have a voice and they use it. They’re also
adaptive and collaborative.
Energizing. To succeed long-term and to accommodate family
and community responsibilities, women leaders learn to manage
their energy reserves and to tap into flow.

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