Laduree Macarons

France was and will continue to be the Queen of  Fine Food and excellent Style.

Walking by the side of River Seine at Paris you can feel with all your sense what we mean by French civilisation. You can also understand why meanings like Freedom and Equality were so heavily supported by the French people.


«Laduree»  is a well known sweet home and I think it is a must to bring a bit  back home.  As it is a habit to go to Thessaloniki and buy tsoureki (sweet bread) from Terkenlis it is an insalt to go to Paris and not buy  colourful  macarons


Going to Paris is an experience that everybody should enjoy in his/her life.  Extending it back home by taking pictures, by bringing some gifts or sweets, by talking about it, by blogging about it, makes it last and intensifies the feelings.

If you cannot do any of the above then I recommend you to visit Laduree site and then let me know…….



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