what will be your summer holidays’ resolutions?

I am sure you have noticed that most of New Year’s resolutions are abandonned two weeks later or at best within the first 6 months of the year.  This does not stop me from asking myself and myfriends what will be the holidays’ resolutions; afterall the first six months have already run away, so we deserve some new or a refreshment of the existing ones.

Fully absorbing the commands of today I thought that being multiskilled is a compliment for human beings.  During lunch I read that humans are «programmed» differently than PCs; our minds are made to work sequentially, which means one task at a time.  Many of  us will rush to ask but clever can chew and walk (as Jimmy Carter, the US President was capable); eh; well not all of us are as clever, so when we talk at the mobile during driving we run the same risk to participate/to provoke an accident as if we were drunk.  No matter if we talk and we have in our hands the black berry or we use the hands free – since we do not drive safely only because we have the wheel in our two hands, but mainly because we are paying 100% attention to the road and the traffic around us!

And yes, the holidays’ resolution will be how to trnaslate focus on my targets will be accompanied by keeping my attention  to each thing that I am doing each time (one at a time) so that I finish faster and with less mistakes, so that people I am talking to over the phone do not listen to the «cla,cla,cla…» of my typing the next e-mail (and consequently feel embarassed to say the least).

We admire Napoleon but we forget that he lost the final battle.  We admire people who have the ability to listen and read at the same time and we forget that they might not remember as many as they should as their attention is distracted.

My holidays this year will be limited, so I need to pay special attention how to get the most out of them and I wish the same to you all!




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