2012 is approaching – are we ready?

 This is a real picture after the Parnitha fires a few years ago.  One could easily compare it with the Greek economy in 2011.  The question is what will we do differently in 2012 to recover and not just continue to «wait and see» totally paralyzed from fear.

As Greeks we do have a very long tradition of fully recovering after reaching our extreme deeps.  We all would like  to view at our country and feel proud and lucky not because of the history and the specific microclimate and geographical location but also for our politicians, governments, public authorities, etc.  I rather think we  all have a great need to be proud about our country and our governors (political and religious). 

However, we are all responsible to make things happen!  We believe that not all of us are actively responsible for what has happened the last 30 years in Greece as not everyone was involved in the Grande Bouffe; but not to act or not to react is also a decision and I am not sure proves one’s innocence.

Lights at night can produce a fantasy and sometimes if they are very bright do not allow us to see the picture clearly; may be if they were less we could see better. 

In 2008 Greece was the world’s leader in consumption of luxury goods! Was that bad? Yes, if this is our only 1st position to be proud of!  Yes, if it is accompanied with very low positions in labor market and overall market efficiencies to say the least.  Yes, if the service sector grows on the detriment of the primary and secondary sectors! Yes, if we are obliged to importa lemons from Argentina and potatos from Cyprus to meet local demand.

Have we become more responsible all these years? Have we learnt our lessons?

What is the most important lesson that if taken would be enough to show an improvement? 

Have we become enough self confident so that we chose our leaders depending on their proven abilities and not just on their promises that they will take full care of all our problems and we will do nothing but voting for them?

Do we have the courage to vote for leaders that they will promise nothing but a lot of effort from our side?  Do we have the courage to stop complaining? Do we have the courage to start doing things that get us out of our comfort zone before we are drastically and unwillingly be obliged to do so?  Do we walk the talk ourselves? Are we all proud role models for generation «y» or we are role models to avoid?

I am optimistic about the future because I am doing today what I deem necessary. I have no guilts because I am not repeating my mistakes. I feel that 2012 will be a different year as there are many other people feeling and acting like me!  Let’s provide constructive feedback let’s be the carriers of contructive reaction.

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