Delivering Confidence: The work of Leaders

We are in the very bottom of a well without been able to imagine the fathom of it!  We are all interested in finding confidence about jobs, about our savings, about our possessions, about the future of our children (never admit that we worry about ours!).  We seek advice from our managers, we try to identify what the big financial organizations forsee, we try to understand what our leaders will do (whether teachers, directors, CEOs, priests, you name it).

But is it really about leaders or about us? What is the real job of leaders?

Rosabeth Moss Kanter   explains that leaders need to e self confident, but this is not the real secret of leadership!!  THE MORE ESSENTIAL INGREDIENT IS CONFIDENCE IN OTHER PEOPLE!  If the people in charge rely only on themselves as heroes who can rescue  any situation (heroic management) then confidence is undermined and instead of working with the team we sell ideas and we meet a lot of  «cover my ass» behaviours.

more on saturday morning 28th january 2012 at Dais centre.



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