Temporary Employment through Private Employment Companies fights undeclared labor and creates new jobs

The world economy is getting different as the OECD countries are deccelerating and the emerging countries are showing higher degrees of advancement.  In the new ecosystem nothing remains like yesterday and no issue can be tackled using yesterday’s approach.  Everybody needs to adapt to the new ever changing world.  The BCG report «adapting to change» prepared for Ciett describes with evidence how temporary employment helps the better functioning of labor markets and creates bridges from education and/or unemployment to employment through dicent jobs. The association of Private Employment Agencies in Greece (EN.ID.E.A) have recently organized a conference in an effort to start honest and open social dialogue among academia, the state, employers and employees associations, labor law executives.   The common enemy for all is unemployment and undeclared labour, the most typical obstacles are narrowminded policy makers, lack of knowledge, fear of change.  Being together is a good start, working together will be progress, cooperating will be success.   




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