How to send away the moral of your people!

Are you afraid that you might lose your position?

Are you in a position that you do not feel comfortable, because it is not ideal with your comfort zone?

Are you extremely tired not to say exhausted?

Are you having hectic times and you feel pain at your back bones?

Are you asked from your boss to achieve too many things in such a short time?

Are you uncertain about a situation, Can you handle ambiguity?

Do you trust yourself? Do you trust your colleagues?

If some or all of the above look like your mirror picture then go to a monastery, go for vacation, go to a good coach, BUT do not start asking questions that limit the enthusiasm of others, especially if you are not their boss!

Do not ask narrow «bureaucratic accounting type» of questions that kill the entrepreneurial spirit and definitely kill the commitment of the people!

To build engagement you need that people support you during difficult times because they believe you understand them.  And to prove that you understand them you do not ask questions that prove the opposite! 

If you feel that you need to build discipline then you need to recruit people who mainly like to be soldiers (meaning that they want to be told where to go).  But then you need to ask yourself where do you want to be really.  Souldiers are good for colonels not for businesses. 

It is not easy to have patience under difficult times, it is not easy to have a helicopter view when infobesity makes your life heavier, it is not easy to trust others.  Who said that management is easy and that maturity comes with age? 

But who said that frightened managers have the right to kill their brightest people’ s morale?



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