2014 most common wish «Have more strength!» – How do we acquire it?

At year end most of us think about the lessons learned during the 12 previous months. At year end we tend to celebrate success with the beloved ones or with those that we are accustomed to be surrounded (believing that they are our beloved ones).
Better the devil that you know than the one that you don’t know, says the english wisdom.
At year end we pray about the future and we ask for positive changes, as we always like things to be easy for us. We all like surprises as long as they are pleasant. We all like changes as long as they are favourable.
I agree, why one should ever decide  to leave from paradise?
But then why Eva was bored in the paradise  and Adam was convinced to try something else?
All inventions, all progress and developments in human life emerged thanks to mistakes, thanks to curious people.
Better life is the result of people who were happy but never satisfied with the status quo. 
Do we want to be among those who create better living conditions, or not?
90% of the wishes I received this holiday period had to do with acquisition or retention of strength to endure what’s in front of us! Uncertainty gives rise to fear, and for  fear to be eliminated we need to be strong. Do we?
I definitely agree that we need to be strong!
BUT to suceed this we need to keep COOL: we need to stop being  frustrated and anxious by the lightnings and the thunders as they will never stop – WE just NEED TO STOP BEEN TERRIFIED BY THEM.
Let’s keep our spirit independent and our minds «clear» and 2014 will bring us the progress we are aspiring for, for ourselves and for our children!



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