A letter to all Life #Runners


Proud alumni of the Newcastle upon Tyne university.

Friday 30th November 2012 another successful reunion of Newcastle upon Tyne alumni took place at the Galaxy roof of Athens Hilton.
The majority of the alumni come from the shipping and maritime faculty.  However, year after year we can see that the university offers a variety of subjects and achieves a well balanced outcome in terms of faculties, sex, age and socioeconomic background.
RESPECTING STUDENTS WHO WANT TO LEARN  and helping them to meet their goals is one of the main reasons why the university was not harmed by the tuitions increase.  On the contrary in 2012 it had more than 21.000 students and 5.000 staff.
The new research boat «The princess royal» was presented yesterday and we learnt that Antonis Mantouvalos was the designer of it.  But this was not the only success as the boat design was replicated to build some more boats used during the 2012 Olympic games in river Thames.many reasons to be proud and not stopping trying and giving our personal combat.
Jane Clabley and Tania Angelopoulos thank you for organizing such a pleasant and generous evening.