Esprit Nomade and 2011 wishes

I was happy enough to come across a very interesting photo exhibition.

Tiziana and Gianni Baldizzone have been living closely with nomads of the world for the last 25 years or so.

Wandering in the streets of the Turin centre I passed also through San Carlo square.  What a surprise!

More than 50 wonderful pictures with legends in 3 languages traveled me out of the cold evening (-5o C) and reminded me the Ghandi believed that we are all free to live without interferences… 

For the francophones I also copied herewith a statement of the artists:

«Le projet Esprit Nomade est le résultat d’un chemin personnel: un voyage à la découverte d’hommes, les nomades, gardiens de comportements et de valeurs qui constituent le fondement de l’être humain et dont nous pouvons nous inspirer pour trouver des pistes de réflexion sur notre rapport à l’Autre et à la nature.»

How valid it is for all of us – especially now with all the socio-economic crisis surrounding us.  If you cannot buy the book just google the name of both artists and you will enjoy some extraordinary pieces.  If it happens to visit Turin the exhibition will last up untill Jan 10, 2011. Do not miss it!

Another interesting part of your Turing promenade (again at the city centre) would be the visit of a painting exhibition with works of Ezio Gribaudo called «I Velieri» (sailing boats).  This is hosted at Fogola Galleria Dantesca, which is a superb bookstore with many old books, refurbished establishments, a rinocaur at the entrance of it, many other paintings, and of course excellent people to look after you.

I attach for all my readers  a photo of «Veliero VI» with my wishes for 2011

Veliero VI by Ezio Gribaudo

International Training Centre of ILO at Turin

Last week I had a wonderful experience!  I participated in a full 3 days training programme organized by the International Training Centre of the ILO in collaboration with the EUROCIETT (the European Confederation of Private Employment Agencies) .  In 2000 ILO  launched a programme for Employers’ Activities (ACT/EMP) as a specific unit of the ITC of ILO, which is a  specialized UN (United Nations) Agency that provides training in all the policy areas in which the ILO is active.

The participants of the workshop

The course was on organizing, running and sustaining Effective Employers’ Organizations for the EU Temporary Agency Work.

Jeanne Schmitt was the project coordinator and together with Barbara Maino (project assistant),  Alan Wild (expert on Employers’ Organizations), Tristan d’Avezac (consultant on Employers’ Organizations),  Denis Pennel (General Manager of  EUROCIETT), Stephanie Fraser (South Africa EO expert)  and Martin Padulla (South America EO expert) provided an excellent 3 days seminar  in Turin (Italy).

Actually, this  seminar in  Turin was the first of a series of workshops, conferences and e-learning activities which will be realized through out 2010 and will end April 2011, in order to facilitate Employers’ Organizations of   Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Romania, Poland, F.Y.R.O.M. and Turkey.

The ultimate  goal of these trainings is to create and facilitate working conditions that are safe and flexible for all market participants, that foster social dialogue  and respect all the rights of human beings at work, that fight unemployment and eliminate undeclared work.

I am glad and proud that the next workshop will be organized in Athens (next June) and will be organized by the Greek Association of Temporary Employment and Recruitment Companies (ENEPASE).   Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Greece will convene for 3 days in order to discuss progress since the initial Turin seminar and try to initiate social dialogue with local trade unions.

Excellent initiative, excellent organization, excellent example of using EU funds in a rational way!