Why Another Blog?

ceb3ceb9ceb1-cebaceacceb8ceb5-cebdceb1cf85cf84ceb9cebacf8cAcquiring knowledge is nothing if you do not share  it.

This is the main reason why I created this blog; to enjoy through sharing.

I strongly believe that the current «crisis» is not just another economic downturn, but it is the upsurge of a new era which demands from all of us (and especially the so called «developped» countries)  a new way of thinking, a new way of looking at life, a less selfish approach to life.

To be useful to others” this is what I want to be. What do I really mean by that? I feel proud when I can help other people develop, I feel joy when people tell me that they find discussions with me  encouraging and motivating. I feel my time is well spent when I counsel or coach people. This blog comes here to share my views with more people. I am a Greek woman who was born and lives in Athens from parents who were also born and brought up in Athens. Although a city girl I am fond of Greek nature and country side. I can give a piece of advice to all those who want to visit Greece and understand the modern Greeks and understand why it is great to live the Greek way!

Last but not least, all the opinions, beliefs and ideas presented in this site express  my own point of view and have nothing to do with the ideas, beliefs and opinions of the employer I work for.



  1. Good luck with your new effort! I like the opinion you describe, and I happen to share the same optimistic view of the situation we are going through in the «modern» world. I see it as a change to a more human approach; it also reminds me of the forgotten ancient Greek «all – time -classic» «metron ariston».


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